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September 2012 Archives

Illinois workers can help stop another industrial accident

Many times, the hazards of an Illinois chemical spill can be contained within an industrial facility, where employees are prepared to deal with the situation at hand. But what if the chemical containment fails outside of the manufacturing facility? This is exactly what the railroads are faced with as they look to avoid a future industrial accident involving toxic chemicals and a common tanker known to have a potentially explosive effect.

Workers' compensation needed for man killed in Illinois crash

For many Illinois drivers, it is hard to contemplate that a trucker would ever need workers' compensation. After all, truckers are generally the giants of the road. For this reason, they can often seem impervious to other drivers and the thought of them needing workers' compensation, let alone workers' compensation death benefits for their families, may seem strange. However, one recent Illinois crash underscores the fact that a tragedy can happen just about any place and to just about anybody.

Construction accident kills man before he could hold his newborns

As many Illinois construction workers are aware, worksites carry numerous dangers. Often, these accidents can result in a debilitating disability or even death. Unfortunately for one 23-year-old man, he was killed in a construction accident before he had the chance to hold his newly born twin children.

Illinois workers' compensation claims lower due to bad economy

One recent trend that has many Illinois worker advocacy groups concerned is that fewer workers' compensation cases are being heard. If it were a matter of fewer work injuries occurring so that workers don't need to file any workers' compensation claims, this would be one matter. However, many are worried that the reason why more workers aren't filing for benefits is because they are scared that the claim will take too long and leave them a period of limbo during a very harsh economy.

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