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August 2013 Archives

Fatal workplace accident caused by company oversights

There are many accidents that happen each and every day. While some of them are simply unavoidable, many of them could easily be prevented. Organizations such as OSHA have been created in order to save employee's lives and safety by preventing a workplace accident. When such an accident occurs, its investigation can provide valuable information on what caused the accident and how to prevent a similar one from occurring in the future. A recent investigation by the organization has ruled that the death of an Illinois employee was the result of oversights on the part of Hagel Metal Fabrication Inc.

Illinois man killed in construction accident

Logically, most people are aware that each moment could be their last. However, this doesn't always have a realistic application. An unexpected death in a family, even with this logical realization, is often extremely difficult to cope with both emotionally and financially. Fortunately, when such a death comes as a result of a workplace accident, the family of a deceased employee does have certain financial benefits. The family of an Illinois man is likely wondering today how they will cope with his death after a construction accident took his life.

Teen workers sprayed with fungicide in work accident in Illinois

Places of employment should practice the utmost precaution when dealing with chemicals in the workplace. Failure to do so could result in workers being injured in a work accident. This is what happened recently to teenage workers that were hired by a company to work in the corn fields. The company that was contracted by Monsanto accidentally sprayed their teenage workers with a fungicide at a farm in Illinois.

Workers' compensation: Safety rules follow Illinois miners

When a fatal workplace accident occurs, new federal safety regulations may be imposed in order to prevent further fatalities or injury. However, one Illinois coal mine has had to decrease production as a result of stricter regulations following the death of a worker in July. While the miners understand that these regulations are necessary to prevent workers' compensation claims, they are also frustrated by their cut in work hours.

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