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October 2013 Archives

Man suffers leg injury in workplace accident at fair

The majority of people in Illinois have an idea in their head of what a fair is like. Likely there is laughter and the smells of unhealthy, but delicious, foods cooking. It is a time to be carefree and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, one fair worker found himself in the hospital after he injured himself in a workplace accident when packing up at the end of the festivities.

Man suffers severe workplace injury after a fall

The vast majority of employers take every sort of precaution they can to ensure worker safety. Unfortunately, accidents, many resulting in serious injury or death, still occur. Usually after a workplace injury, investigations by several different agencies or organizations are sparked to ensure a similar incident will not occur again. Additionally, in order to help those directly affected by an industrial accident, states such as Illinois require employers to provide workers' compensation benefits for the employees -- a benefit one man will likely be utilizing after he sustained a severe injury while at work.

Man loses life in industrial accident

Many people are concerned about the aftermath of losing a loving one, especially if that loved one is the primary earner for the family. While there is the emotional aftermath, the family also has to wonder how it will continue to sustain itself without that person's financial contributions. If the loss of life occurs while the person is going about their assigned job requirements, state laws in Illinois require the employer to provide workers' compensation coverage that likely extends to dependents of the worker. One family will likely be seeking such compensation after a tragic industrial accident took the life one man.

Police investigate deadly industrial accident in Illinois

There are many people in this country who are extremely hard workers. These people want to adequately support their families and ensure they have all that they need in life. People like this make a fatal industrial accident that much more tragic. Because policy makers know that accidents happen no matter how many safeguards are put in place, they require employers to provide their workers with workers' compensation coverage. One family in Illinois will likely qualify for this coverage after a fatal accident took the life of their loved one.

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