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January 2014 Archives

Workplace accident kills 2, injures 17

While most employees take every reasonable measure to protect the safety of their employees, accidents can still happen. A workplace accident can range from minor to deadly. For many workers, an injury can leave them with reduced ability to work and/or with expensive medical bills. Fortunately, states such as Illinois have laws in place to help workers who are hurt on the job. A recent tragedy has likely left several employees and their families concerned about the financial toll the accident will take.

Illinois workplace accident result insults in death

It is truly in an employer's best interest to ensure the safety of all its employees. Beyond being the right thing to do, fewer injuries likely improves the morale of workers while decreasing the time spent hiring and training new employees. However, even for companies that do everything they possibly can to ensure safe working conditions, accidents could still happen. For example, a man was recently killed in a workplace accident in Illinois.

Illinois family may qualify for workers' compensation

Some workplaces are, by nature, more dangerous than others. For example, most people would expect that a workplace accident is more likely at a construction site than an office setting. Beyond working in partially completed buildings and structures, there is often heavy machinery involved. Fortunately, most employers strive to preserve the safety of their employees in all settings and provide workers' compensation benefits, as is typically required by law, in the event of an accident. One family in Illinois will likely qualify for such benefits after a tragic accident took one man's life.

Illinois workplace accident results in fatality, injuries

The construction of a new business is usually a good sign. It provides employment for construction workers at the time and will likely result in more jobs once the business is open. However, construction sites have dangers that could result in injury or death due to a workplace accident. For example, the demolition of an old restaurant, in order to replace it with a new one, has resulted in tragedy for one Illinois family.

Workplace accident in Illinois sparks OSHA investigation

The winter holiday season is a time for food, family and friends. For some regions of the country, including Illinois, it is also a time for snow and ice. Anyone who has ever attempted to remove snow and ice knows of the hassles such an endeavor presents, yet knows of the necessity of completing the task in order to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Some businesses choose to hire someone else to take care of such chores. One woman who worked for a company that specializes in snow removal was recently a victim of a workplace accident.

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