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March 2014 Archives

Illinois man killed in fatal workplace accident

There are some jobs that are expected to have certain dangers associated with them. However, almost every job has some degree of risk associated with it. As a result, many states require employers to provide workers' compensation coverage to their employees in the case of a workplace accident that results in injury or death. Unfortunately, the family of an Illinois man may need to pursue such benefits after a fatal out-of-state accident took the man's life.

Illinois workplace accident leaves family grieving

No family is prepared for the news that their loved one has been killed. The news surely comes as a devastating shock when their loved one is completing routine workplace responsibilities at the time of their death. After a fatal workplace accident in Illinois, one family must now cope with the loss of their family member and the expenses that are associated with it.

Teenager injured in workplace accident at Illinois ski park

Those who have decided to spend the day at a ski park know that they may potentially witness an injury. However, they might expect that an injury would be in the form of a skier falling, for example. Unfortunately, at one ski park in Illinois, some visitors witnessed a gruesome workplace accident that will likely require a long recovery period for the injured worker.

Family of deceased man may qualify for workers' compensation

Fans in Illinois and across the country excitedly await the start of the college football season every year. When the time arrives, they don their team colors and head in droves to stadiums. As a result, many colleges continue to build and modify their stadiums in order to accommodate their growing fan base. Unfortunately, one man's family are likely more concerned about workers' compensation benefits after an accident at a construction site for a new football stadium took the life of their loved one.

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