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January 2015 Archives

Bridge collapse kills 1; workers' compensation possible

While many people in Illinois see road construction as a nuisance; once completed, though, it is likely an endeavor that will ease the strain of traffic in an area. When drivers pass through a construction area, they likely fail to recognize the risk that workers face. One out-of-state worker was killed recently after a bridge collapsed during a road-widening project, potentially leading to a workers' compensation claim.

Symptoms from meniscus tears in workplace injury could be delayed

When many people in Illinois think of a workplace injury, they may think of a traumatic event resulting in an injury such as a severed limb or broken bone. In these incidents, the injury is typically immediately obvious and there is likely little argument regarding the origin. However, some injuries, such as meniscus tears, are much more subtle and may not be immediately obvious.

Man dies in workplace accident

Most people would assume that one of the greatest risks facing a worker in a boom lift might be that of a fall from a relatively high height. However, there are many unseen and potentially unexpected workplace hazards. As a result, states such as Illinois require employers to provide workers' compensation coverage for their employees to protect them financially in the event of a workplace accident. The family of one out-of-state man may qualify for such benefits after a fatal accident took the life of their loved one.

Man killed in out-of-state workplace accident

In some places of employment, employees receive training on the workplace hazards they may encounter as they complete their job responsibilities. In some cases, unfortunately, an employee is unable to avoid a workplace accident regardless of the precautions he or she may have taken. As a result, states such as Illinois require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for workers for financial protection in the case of such an accident. The family members of one out-of-state worker may qualify for these benefits after he was killed in a fatal accident.

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