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How many of your co-workers are robots?

How do you feel about sharing your Illinois workspace with a robot? Does it threaten your safety and job security? Until recently, most industrial robots had massive automated arms for jobs like painting, assembly or welding, and they were in the confines of cages because they were dangerous and unable to sense human presence. However, with rapid technological progress, the picture looks different. Modern robots can work side-by-side with humans, and safety authorities say they can prevent musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries.

Listen up! Your hearing may be at risk on the job

Like many in Illinois, you likely spent most of your life waking up to the sound of an alarm clock. Lately, you may have programmed a louder sound into the alarm on your mobile device, or maybe you are one of those people for whom the birds outside your window are your call to greet the day.

Signs that your assembly line work may be causing you injury

Illinois is home to various manufacturing companies where assembly line work is a mainstay of production. Perhaps you work at the very same company your parents or grandparents worked at years ago. Overall, you've been quite satisfied with your job. It is steady income, puts food on your table, and you have the same shift each week, so it allows you to have structure and routine at home.

Did your work make you sick? You could claim certain benefits.

When Illinois workers experience an injury at work, they know that they could have a valid claim to workers' compensation benefits. However, you could have a claim to this type of financial support if your work made you sick. Just as workplace injuries can be valid reasons to seek these types of benefits, occupational diseases can be as well.

Better ergonomics may prevent musculoskeletal injuries

When you think of on-the-job injuries, you may think of the catastrophic injuries suffered by a construction worker who falls from scaffolding or the logger who mishandles a saw. Your aches and pains may not seem so severe compared to those. While it may be true that you are less likely to suffer a potentially fatal injury in your line of work, that doesn't mean your injury is not painful or that your suffering is any less important.

When going to work gets dangerous

If you're a construction worker, you may be at risk for injury during the normal course of your duties in an average workday. Even if no one considers a particular project you're working on as high on the list of the most dangerous tasks in the nation, an accident may occur at any time that causes you to suffer injury in the workplace.

Common mistakes when seeking coverage from workers' compensation

There is no job that is completely safe from some kind of workplace injury or illness. Construction jobs, oil fields and manufacturing all have certain risks, but even if you sit at a computer or stand in front of a classroom all day, you are never completely free from the chances of an accident or workplace illness.

A work day shouldn't end with you in the hospital

There may be days when you enjoy waking up and going to work. Having a job you like is a real plus in today's world, and if you like the people you work with as well, you are far ahead of the game! No day is perfect though, and sometimes by the time you get home at the end of the day, you're absolutely spent.

Assembly line repetition could leave you with injuries

Assembly line jobs employ numerous people across the country. As an individual with such a job, you likely perform the same duties day in and day out. Because your tasks often involve making the same motions over and over, you may have experienced pain due to the repetitive nature of your work responsibilities. Though the pain may not cause you much worry at first, you could develop a serious repetitive strain injury over time that could require medical attention.

How to fight back against workplace violence

Illinois workers who suffer injuries or become ill due to hazardous work conditions may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. In addition to workplace accidents and other safety issues, violence-related injuries could also serve as valid grounds for a workers' compensation claim.

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