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What are ways to prevent forklift accidents?

How dangerous is a moving forklift? According to Prolift, the average weight of a forklift is nine thousand pounds, plus a forklift can reach speeds of six to twelve miles per hour. However, since forklifts often work in the vicinity of Illinois pedestrians, this machine can present a life threatening hazard to a person who is not aware of a forklift's presence. Proper safety measures, however, can help prevent a tragic accident.

What are the most common workplace accidents?

When you go to work, the last thing on your mind is probably having an accident. However, there are many people at work every day to ensure that you are kept safe on the job in Illinois. Still, despite these attempts, accidents still happen. According to Arbill, there are some workplace accidents that are more prevalent than others, and they can occur regardless of what type of work you do.

What's behind the whipped cream shortage?

If you've gone down the grocery store aisles this holiday season, you may have noticed that something's missing: whipped cream. That delicious topping that adds a nice touch to pies, cakes and iced coffees has been a conspicuous no-show this year, and there's a tragic reason ? a workplace accident that took the life of one worker.

Traumatic brain damage may have long lasting effects

When people are involved in catastrophic car accidents, slip and fall accident or even minor fender benders, they are at risk of receiving traumatic brain damage. Any type of sudden impact to the head may cause the inner brain tissue to smack against the hard interior of the skull. This jolt can lead to severe brain tissue damage, and bleeding, bruising and inflammation can occur. The symptoms of brain damage may be immediate in some cases. In other instances, however, the victim may not know that they have a brain injury for several days or weeks after the accident occurred.

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