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Illinois trucker dies in fatal work accident

Whether someone works in risky or relatively safe conditions, accidents can always occur that can cause serious injury or death. Sadly, this happened recently in Bensenville when an Illinois truck driver suffered fatal injuries in a loading area as he was preparing to leave. While his family is left to cope with their tragic loss, an investigation has been opened into the deadly work accident.

Worker falls 3 stories in fatal construction accident

If a person is afraid of heights, then construction may not be the best employment option. Construction workers are commonly required to work on tall buildings and structures while on the job in Illinois and elsewhere. Understandably, this puts them in danger of falling and severely injuring themselves. In the worst case scenario, this type of construction accident could result in death. Tragically, this is what happened recently to a construction worker who fell three stories to his death.

Worker dies in preventable construction accident near Illinois

There are many possible reasons for a construction accident. Sometimes, Illinois workers make simple mistakes that can result in a lot of pain and injury. Other times, the construction accident is simply a fluke. However, many times, construction accidents can be easily prevented, if those in charge of a construction project would only ensure that the appropriate safety measures were taken.

Illinois construction worker fatally hurt in dump truck accident

On any given construction site, there are a number of moving vehicles and pieces of heavy equipment. All it takes is one wrong move or moment of inattention for a serious -- or fatal -- construction accident to occur. Unfortunately for one Illinois highway worker, he was involved in such a construction accident when a dump truck backed up on him.

Construction accident kills man before he could hold his newborns

As many Illinois construction workers are aware, worksites carry numerous dangers. Often, these accidents can result in a debilitating disability or even death. Unfortunately for one 23-year-old man, he was killed in a construction accident before he had the chance to hold his newly born twin children.

Morning road construction accident in Illinois kills 1, injures 3

Construction sites, of any kind, offer a variety hazards, often involving heavy equipment. However, probably one of the most dangerous types of construction accident has to be the ones involving road construction workers. After all, not only do Illinois road workers have to contend with all the problems associated with any construction site, but they also have to deal with oncoming traffic, often whizzing by at high speeds.

Automated machinery traps, kills 1 Illinois industrial worker

An industrial accident can have many reasons, but one common reason in Illinois is over-automation. Automated machines can often make things easier and can improve the bottom line of the company. Unfortunately, because they are automated, they can also put people in danger and increase the risk of an industrial accident occurring. Furthermore, sometimes there are inadequate safety precautions to help prevent these accidents from occurring in the first place.

Illinois worker falls 5 stories in fatal work accident

No industrial worker wants to fall in a work accident. Typically, these kinds of long falls are the cause of serious injuries or even death. It is enough for even the most fearless to be careful in high places. There are many safety precautions available for those who are working at industrial plants in high places to prevent accidents like this from happening. Unfortunately, these precautions weren't enough for one Illinois man, who is dead after a fatal work accident.

Illinois postal worker stands for change after fatal accident

A fatal work accident can be a difficult thing for anybody to face. However, this is especially for one Illinois postal worker who believes that, had he stood up against what he deemed an unsafe procedure, he may have saved the life of a trucker who was killed in a tragic work accident. Because of this, he is trying to do what he can to change what he believes are unsafe procedures.

Construction accident at Illinois dam project kills 1 worker

Unfortunately, it only takes one moment to make a tiny mistake before becoming a victim of a construction-related accident. For the potential victims of a construction accident, the resulting injuries are often serious -- or even fatal. Unfortunately, an Illinois man working on a project at Olmsted Locks and Dam lost his life earlier this month.

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