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Illinois man wins over $3 million in suit against former employer

Illinois workers have rights under the law after suffering an injury on the job. When employers violate those rights, they can and should be held responsible. Last month, a man who was denied the ability to return to work at Dean Foods after a disabling injury prevailed in court. It was a long road, however.

Police say man fired employee returned wielding knife

We've talked before about the increase in violent and often fatal attacks in workplaces across the country. Sometimes they're by customers or people who have no connection to the business or anyone who works there. Often, they involve disgruntled or mentally unstable current or former employees. They may be perpetrated by spouses or significant others of employees who follow them to work to attack them, sometimes making others their victims as well.

Why young workers are at high risk of injury in summer jobs

If your high school or college student is one of the millions of young people who will be spending a considerable portion of their summer working, you should know that their chances of suffering an injury on the job might be higher than those of adult, full-time employees they may be working alongside.

Study looks at factors that increase the risk of mining injuries

It probably seems obvious that people are at increased risk of injury on the job when they work for long hours with few or no breaks. Fatigue and the impairment of certain motor skills are just two factors that contribute to injury risk after hours on the job. However, a recently published study from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) sheds a little more light on the conditions that often accompany long shifts -- specifically for miners.

Home care workers face unique injury, abuse risks

As our country's population ages, more and more people require some type of ongoing medical care or at least assistance with aspects of daily living. Increasingly, people are hiring home health care providers so that they can continue to live in the familiarity and comfort of their own homes rather than move to a nursing home or assisted living community.

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