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Man killed in construction accident involving fall

While most people in Illinois recognize that hazards are faced in almost all circumstances, some may be unaware of the many dangers construction workers face. In addition to the heavy machinery used, many employees are working at great heights without the protection of windows, walls and floors to prevent them from falling. A recent out-of-state construction accident involving a fall recently proved fatal for a worker.

Construction accident kills 3, injures 1

All jobs carry some degree of risk with them. As a result, most employers are willing to go to extremes to help ensure the safety of their employees. Unfortunately, accidents still occur, prompting states such as Illinois and other states to require employers to provide workers' compensation coverage to financially protect those injured in a workplace accident. These insurance benefits will likely apply after an out-of-state construction accident killed three people and injured a fourth.

Man dies in Illinois construction accident

There are many hazards that people face every day. While there are more obvious ones, such as a reckless driver or severe weather, there are ones that are unexpected, especially in a person's place of employment. For example, one man was recently killed in a bizarre construction accident in Illinois involving a lift.

Man dies in Illinois construction accident

Most people are aware of the fragility of human life. Despite this knowledge, the loss of a loved one in an unexpected accident always comes as a shock. There is much those grieving must deal with at such a time, but if the loss occurs at work, workers' compensation insurance coverage may be applicable. One family in Illinois may qualify for these benefits after a man was killed in a construction accident.

Illinois man killed in construction accident

Logically, most people are aware that each moment could be their last. However, this doesn't always have a realistic application. An unexpected death in a family, even with this logical realization, is often extremely difficult to cope with both emotionally and financially. Fortunately, when such a death comes as a result of a workplace accident, the family of a deceased employee does have certain financial benefits. The family of an Illinois man is likely wondering today how they will cope with his death after a construction accident took his life.

Hit by car in construction accident in Illinois

When driving on the road it is important to pay attention to one's surroundings. Not only do motorists have to worry about other drivers, they also have to worry about workers in construction sites who may be doing road work. This can help avoid a potential construction accident which could cause injury. However, one driver may have failed to do this when the driver hit a construction worker while driving his car on the road in Illinois.

Man dies in Illinois construction accident

In a tragic construction accident in Illinois, a worker nearing retirement died while on a work site. The man was from another state, but was working on a project on an Illinois university campus when he was hit by a beam. A crane knocked a beam off the sixth floor of the building and hit the man in the head and chest, resulting in severe injuries. He was taken to a hospital, where he died from the injuries sustained in the construction accident.

Construction accident injures worker at Illinois hospital

Specially trained firefighters came to an Illinois construction worker's rescue recently after he suffered an injury while working on a hospital roof. The construction accident occurred in Naperville when materials fell on the man as he was working above the fourth floor. The accident caused him to fall, and rescue teams had to use a crane to lower him from the construction area to the ground so he could receive medical treatment.

Illinois construction accident: Worker hit by semi, hospitalized

It is no secret that workers assigned to jobs on Illinois highways face constant danger due to the volume of traffic. While our laws require drivers to exercise an extra degree of safety when driving through a construction zone, sometimes the safeguards in place are not enough to prevent a construction accident.

Worker dies in preventable construction accident near Illinois

There are many possible reasons for a construction accident. Sometimes, Illinois workers make simple mistakes that can result in a lot of pain and injury. Other times, the construction accident is simply a fluke. However, many times, construction accidents can be easily prevented, if those in charge of a construction project would only ensure that the appropriate safety measures were taken.

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