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Man dies in Illinois construction accident

There are many hazards that people face every day. While there are more obvious ones, such as a reckless driver or severe weather, there are ones that are unexpected, especially in a person's place of employment. For example, one man was recently killed in a bizarre construction accident in Illinois involving a lift.

Man dies in Illinois construction accident

Most people are aware of the fragility of human life. Despite this knowledge, the loss of a loved one in an unexpected accident always comes as a shock. There is much those grieving must deal with at such a time, but if the loss occurs at work, workers' compensation insurance coverage may be applicable. One family in Illinois may qualify for these benefits after a man was killed in a construction accident.

Construction worker injured on the job, taken to hospital

Almost any job has a certain degree of danger attached to it, regardless of the occupation. As a result, most Illinois employers attempt to ensure that their employees are safe in their work environment. However, despite their best efforts, there are likely still risks while at work. For example, in one out-of-state incident, a construction worker was taken to the hospital after being injured on the job.

Illinois family may qualify for workers' compensation

Some workplaces are, by nature, more dangerous than others. For example, most people would expect that a workplace accident is more likely at a construction site than an office setting. Beyond working in partially completed buildings and structures, there is often heavy machinery involved. Fortunately, most employers strive to preserve the safety of their employees in all settings and provide workers' compensation benefits, as is typically required by law, in the event of an accident. One family in Illinois will likely qualify for such benefits after a tragic accident took one man's life.

Illinois construction worker gets injured on the job and dies

Construction work in Illinois can be a rewarding profession. New homes and businesses often require construction workers. Additionally, renovation work, like that being completed at a Vernon Hills mall, requires the expertise of the construction worker. Along with the sense of accomplishment in seeing the job completed, construction work can also prove to be hazardous. An Illinois construction worker was recently injured on the job and died as a result of his injuries.

Workers' compensation for woman injured in car accident

In an interesting case, an Illinois woman was awarded workers' compensation after a car accident. At the time of the accident, the woman was driving from her place of employment to a retail store at the end of the workday. This case is unusual because while she was not injured while physically at her workplace, she was running a work-related errand. She was awarded workers' compensation because she was within the normal duties of her job.

Construction accident injures worker at Illinois hospital

Specially trained firefighters came to an Illinois construction worker's rescue recently after he suffered an injury while working on a hospital roof. The construction accident occurred in Naperville when materials fell on the man as he was working above the fourth floor. The accident caused him to fall, and rescue teams had to use a crane to lower him from the construction area to the ground so he could receive medical treatment.

Work-related accident critically injures Illinois man

Downed power lines are a known danger that can lead to a serious or fatal injury. Unfortunately, a 35-year-old Illinois worker was reported to be in critical condition after a power line fell on his truck. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating the work-related accident, which occurred in late January. As the worker's family endures an uncertain and emotional time in the wake of the accident, they may wish to investigate their options under our state's workers' compensation laws.

Illinois industrial explosion leaves 1 dead, 10 injured

Even in what can be thought of as a relatively work safe environment, an industrial accident can occur within a blink of an eye. Sadly, the workers at an Illinois manufacturing company, Arens Controls, became painfully aware of this fact. Though the Occupational Health and Safety Association has never cited the company for any safety violations, an industrial accident still occurred, which killed one man and injured 10 other workers.

OSHA holds Illinois pasta maker responsible for dust explosion

An Illinois company is under fire after a work accident caused two employees to sustain severe injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has since levied a $231,000 fine against the company, citing that the company willfully allowed or voluntarily disregarded unsafe work practices to occur. According to OSHA, these unsafe work practices directly contributed to the cause of the workers' injuries in question.

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