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After construction accident, man thinks it's Valentine's Day

As many Illinois workers know, a fall is a fairly common construction accident. All it takes is one little slip up on a ladder, and the worker can suffer a work injury. Sometimes, these falls can be fatal while other times the worker can survive but be seriously injured in a construction accident. Unfortunately for one man, after a fall from a ladder caused him a concussion, he is living Valentine's Day over and over again.

Construction workplace accident kills Illinois worker

The very nature of accidents is that they cannot be predicted. Workplace accidents in particular can happen anytime, anywhere. However, accidents can be prepared for, and Illinois and other states have instituted workers' compensation benefit laws to do just that. That is, they prepare employers and employees for the inevitable, so that the employee does not needlessly suffer financially for an injury caused during the course of employment.

Workplace accident for transit worker

An Illinois transit worker was recently injured while working on repairing the Red Line train in Chicago. While the nature of the worker's injuries was not initially disclosed, the worker was reported to be in good condition after the workplace accident. Shortly after the accident occurred, he was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Industrial workers' accidents entitle workers to compensation

When working on an industrial site, it is important for workers to follow safety and security measures as defined by the employer's policies and procedures. An Illinois man is suffering from injuries that go well beyond the standard job hazards in one of the state's most recent industrial workers' accidents. It is unclear what the cause of the accident is at this time. Fortunately, the man will be able to concentrate on his health while his workers' compensation benefits help financially support his household.

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