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Workers' compensation claims result from overheated workplace

For the past few months, people in Illinois and across the country have been focused on cold weather and keeping the roadways clear for safe travel. Now that spring is on the horizon, more employers will likely be concerned about keeping their workers cool enough during the summer, especially when working in an area that has poor air circulation. Workers who are injured or become ill as a result of high temperatures might qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

Higher numbers of Illinois deaths due to a workplace accident

There are millions of people in Illinois who report to work each day in order to support their family. Unfortunately, some of these workers do not return home as a result of a workplace accident. While employers put safety measures in place in order to protect their employees, accidents can still happen.

Elephant kills caretaker in workplace accident

Some people are passionate about the care of animals. While some in Illinois choose to focus their passion for animals by working at a veterinary office, others take a somewhat more dangerous route. For example, one caretaker was believed to be killed in a recent workplace accident that took place out-of-state and involved an elephant. Some say such accidents could be prevented if additional safety measures are in place.

Man dies in Illinois hospital a month after work injury

For many people, going to work is a necessity of life. The paycheck that is earned helps put food on the table and pay bills. Unfortunately, even though most employers go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their employees, accidents can happen. Workers -- or their family in the case of a fatality -- in Illinois and elsewhere likely qualify for workers' compensation benefits in the event of a work injury.

Workplace accident at steel plant fatal for 49-year-old man

Millions of employees report to work every single day. Most employers strive to ensure the safety of their employees by meeting safety and health standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as other organizations. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen, prompting states such as Illinois to require employers to provide benefits that will give financial compensation to workers who fall victim to a workplace accident.

Family of deceased man could receive workers' compensation

Most people understand that there is some risk of danger or injury in most things that they do. However, this knowledge is unlikely to prevent people from completing their everyday tasks and duties. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of employers to maintain a safe working environment for their employees, workers are often injured or killed while completing these tasks. Most states, such as Illinois, require employers to provide workers' compensation coverage in the event that an industrial accident occurs. The family of a deceased man may now be entitled to such compensation after a tragic accident took the life of their young family member.

Security guard files for workers' compensation, then fired

A St. Clair County, Illinois man filed a workers' compensation claim with his employer, Securitas Security Services USA Inc. He claims that he was fired after filing for workers' compensation benefits and believes that he was actually fired for doing so. He was formerly employed as a security guard with the company.

Construction accident at Illinois dam project kills 1 worker

Unfortunately, it only takes one moment to make a tiny mistake before becoming a victim of a construction-related accident. For the potential victims of a construction accident, the resulting injuries are often serious -- or even fatal. Unfortunately, an Illinois man working on a project at Olmsted Locks and Dam lost his life earlier this month.

Panel rules in favor of injured child welfare worker

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission upheld the decision of an arbitrator to award workers' compensation benefits to a child welfare specialist who suffered knee and spine injuries after a fall in her workplace's restroom. The commission's decision turned on undisputed evidence that the welfare worker's accident occurred "in the course of" her employment with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, a key element for a successful workers' compensation claim.

Industrial workers' accidents entitle workers to compensation

When working on an industrial site, it is important for workers to follow safety and security measures as defined by the employer's policies and procedures. An Illinois man is suffering from injuries that go well beyond the standard job hazards in one of the state's most recent industrial workers' accidents. It is unclear what the cause of the accident is at this time. Fortunately, the man will be able to concentrate on his health while his workers' compensation benefits help financially support his household.

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