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How can nurses' patient-handling injuries be reduced?

Doctors typically get the most respect -- and the most money -- of anyone working in a hospital or other health care setting. However, nurses are the ones who do much of the heavy lifting -- literally. That's one of the reasons they have more job-related injuries than any other health care professionals.

Who pays workers' comp after a merger?

When a company goes through a merger or sale, what happens to its employees who are receiving workers' compensation benefits? One Illinois truck driver found himself in the middle of a fight between two companies as well as its workers' comp insurers. To complicate matters, his original workers' comp insurer was liquidated by the state. The matter has just been settled by an Illinois appellate court.

What injuries most commonly plague commercial truck drivers?

Commercial truck drivers are in one of the most dangerous professions around. Of course, they face the risk of being involved in a serious accident during long hours on the road -- particularly here in Illinois where winter often brings treacherous road conditions. However, even when everything goes smoothly on their trip, the demands of the job make them prone to a wide variety of injuries.

Driver who struck construction worker facing DUI, other charges

As we've discussed here before, construction workers whose jobs put them on Illinois' roads have among the most dangerous lines of work around. Aside from the risks that all construction workers face, they're also at the mercy of drivers who may be under the influence, distracted or simply frustrated that the road work is interfering with their ability to get where they're going on time.

Why are rural workers more likely to get opioids than urban ones?

Anyone who is prescribed an opioid for pain after a workplace injury needs to be aware that they can be highly addictive. The opioid crisis in this country has many doctors taking new precautions when prescribing and renewing prescriptions for these powerful painkillers.

Appellate court rules against injured worker

The Illinois workers' compensation program helps injured workers to receive the medical care that they need to heal from their work-related injuries. There are other facets of the program that are also available to some beneficiaries. These depend on their circumstances. Workers have specific requirements for the program. A recent ruling by an Illinois appellate court highlights this.

Workers' compensation protects injured workers and employers

When you suffer an injury at work, you need to ensure that you get medical care if you need it. You shouldn't have to worry about what your employer will do because retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim is illegal. You also shouldn't worry about trying to seem tough. Getting the medical care you need can help you find out what you need to do to heal. This is important since you probably want to get back to work quickly.

Work-related injuries and illnesses are compensable

Workers who are injured while they are doing their job have specific rights. These are meant to protect them. After all, they are simply trying to earn a living when they are harmed. In Illinois, employers must have workers' compensation coverage. This offers benefits to injured workers while protecting the financial status of the employer.

Don't discount claiming workers' compensation after an injury

We recently discussed the serious nature of on-the-job spinal cord injuries. These aren't the only type of injury that can occur at work that is catastrophic. For many workers, head injuries, being crushed by heavy equipment or items, broken bones or amputations are all very real and serious possibilities.

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