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Workers' compensation for repetitive strain injuries

When most people hear "on-the-job injury," they think of a disaster involving machinery or a fall that leads to severe damage. However, an on-the-job injury can also refer to injuries caused by repeated motions or lifting at work. Those who suffer from carpal tunnel, back pain, or other similar conditions because of their job duties can legally seek help and compensation.

Man could face life without arm due to workplace injury

While there is some degree of risk in almost all occupations, some hold more potential dangers than others. For example, those who deal with heavy machinery may have a higher risk of becoming injured than those who work at a computer. Regardless of the type of occupation, states such as Illinois require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits to help in the event an employee suffers a workplace injury. One out-of-state man will likely need such benefits after a serious accident caused the loss of his arm.

Symptoms from meniscus tears in workplace injury could be delayed

When many people in Illinois think of a workplace injury, they may think of a traumatic event resulting in an injury such as a severed limb or broken bone. In these incidents, the injury is typically immediately obvious and there is likely little argument regarding the origin. However, some injuries, such as meniscus tears, are much more subtle and may not be immediately obvious.

2 men hospitalized after workplace injury

Seeing construction underway may be a sign of a positive economy in some areas of Illinois. Construction workers are hired and paid to build the building, in addition to the possibility of a new business that may create new jobs. However, the potential dangers that face those involved with the construction phase of a project are often overlooked. Unfortunately, two out-of-state men are facing the realities of these dangers after they suffered a workplace injury in an accident at a construction site.

Illinois attorneys help with compensation for workplace injury

Accidents happen each and every day. Fortunately, those people who suffer a workplace injury will likely qualify for workers' compensation benefits. These benefits provide assistance with medical bills and lost wages after a work-related accident. The amount of compensation you receive in Illinois will likely be partially determined by a doctor's determination of the type of disability you have suffered.

Man suffers serious workplace injury in industrial accident

Millions of people in this country report to their jobs each day. Most simply want to support themselves and their families by earning a pay check and other job-related benefits. Unfortunately, many people have been hurt or even killed in an industrial accident. There is, however, financial assistance in Illinois in the form of workers' compensation insurance coverage available to those who suffer from a workplace injury. One out-of-state man will likely qualify for such assistance after he was injured in a dangerous accident while at work.

Man airlifted after dangerous workplace injury

Many people in Illinois report to work each day in order to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, completing their job responsibilities may actually inhibit their ability to earn money if they become a victim of a workplace injury. One out-of-state man recently had to be airlifted for medical care after he became injured while at work.

How are repetitive motion injuries treated?

Despite the many safeguards that an employer might put in place, there are a variety of different workplace injuries that a worker in Illinois may face.  Many people automatically think of safety violations or serious falls when they think of a workplace injury. However, a person's life can be seriously impacted by a much more subtle form of an injury -- repetitive motion injuries.

Workplace injury sends man to burn center, another to hospital

Across the country, people report to their jobs each and every day. While most workers are probably aware of the potential for injury, most people likely think that they will not be involved in a workplace accident. All states, including Illinois, require employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage in the event of a workplace injury. Two out-of-state men are likely entitled to such benefits after they suffered injuries in a recent accident.

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