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Illinois workplace accident result insults in death

It is truly in an employer's best interest to ensure the safety of all its employees. Beyond being the right thing to do, fewer injuries likely improves the morale of workers while decreasing the time spent hiring and training new employees. However, even for companies that do everything they possibly can to ensure safe working conditions, accidents could still happen. For example, a man was recently killed in a workplace accident in Illinois.

Workplace accident in Illinois sparks OSHA investigation

The winter holiday season is a time for food, family and friends. For some regions of the country, including Illinois, it is also a time for snow and ice. Anyone who has ever attempted to remove snow and ice knows of the hassles such an endeavor presents, yet knows of the necessity of completing the task in order to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Some businesses choose to hire someone else to take care of such chores. One woman who worked for a company that specializes in snow removal was recently a victim of a workplace accident.

Family of deceased man could receive workers' compensation

Most people understand that there is some risk of danger or injury in most things that they do. However, this knowledge is unlikely to prevent people from completing their everyday tasks and duties. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of employers to maintain a safe working environment for their employees, workers are often injured or killed while completing these tasks. Most states, such as Illinois, require employers to provide workers' compensation coverage in the event that an industrial accident occurs. The family of a deceased man may now be entitled to such compensation after a tragic accident took the life of their young family member.

Implications of Illinois workers' compensation ruling

Most employers are concerned with their employees' safety. Despite taking every conceivable precaution, however, accidents can still happen that cause serious injury to an employee. As a result, most states such as Illinois require that employees provide workers' compensation benefits to their employees in case of such an accident. The question becomes, however, what happens when an employer decides an employee who is involved in an accident doesn't qualify for such benefits? One woman took extra pains to ensure that she receive the compensation to which she felt entitled.

Whale trainer's family likely entitled to workers' compensation

SeaWorld holds a magical attraction to many potential tourists from Illinois and across the country. It allows millions of people to get an up close look at sea animals that they would normally only be able to view from an extreme distance. Unfortunately, after the death of one of its trainers, the tourist attraction has found itself subject to a fine and stricter safety regulations. While the company begins making an argument in federal court, the family of the deceased trainer may benefit from workers' compensation benefits.

Illinois family likely entitled to workers' compensation

Indoor plumbing is a relatively modern marvel that most people take for granted. Because of this, people do not consider the effort that goes into providing this convenience. It would come as a shock to some that a city's sewer workers could potentially be placing their lives in jeopardy to help the average resident enjoy this convenience without interruption. Unfortunately, one Illinois family is all too familiar with the risk as they now face the loss of their loved one. However, thanks to state laws, they are likely entitled to workers' compensation benefits to help handle the loss of the family member.

Workers' compensation: Safety rules follow Illinois miners

When a fatal workplace accident occurs, new federal safety regulations may be imposed in order to prevent further fatalities or injury. However, one Illinois coal mine has had to decrease production as a result of stricter regulations following the death of a worker in July. While the miners understand that these regulations are necessary to prevent workers' compensation claims, they are also frustrated by their cut in work hours.

Illinois temp workers may be missing out on workers' compensation

In Illinois, workers' compensation is offered through employers. However, there are concerns that some temporary and migrant workers that may slip through the system without the safety net of workers' compensation. Many of these workers are not in the system because they are concerned about their immigrant status. But what happens to these employees when they are injured on the job?

Illinois courthouse problem could cause workers' compensation

The condition of an old Illinois courthouse in Galesburg could lead to potential worker's compensation claims since it has been revealed that it contained traces of radon. An expert on the potentially toxic gas says that the present levels are not enough to be deadly, but that it could cause problems. This issue could lead to workers' compensation cases should employees begin to see adverse effects from the radon exposure.

Illinois worker fired after filing workers' compensation

An Illinois worker is claiming that he was fired for filing a workers' compensation claim with his employer. The man was an employee for a transport company and when he endured injuries. He claims that he was wrongfully terminated shortly after filing his workers' compensation claim.

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