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2 men suffer workplace injury in Illinois factory explosion

Any sort of major injury can have a devastating impact on one’s life. It can require significant medical intervention and recovery time, while causing the injured person to miss work as he or she recovers. In some of these instances, a loved one may also have to miss work to provide care to individual who is hurt. These expenses can quickly add up to an unmanageable load. However, workers in Illinois who suffer from a workplace injury likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Two women suffer spine injury in circus accident

People in Illinois who have been to the circus likely have strong memories of their experiences. These memories generally relate to the sights, smells and food they experience there. However, most members of the circus audience do not realize the serious danger performers place themselves in everyday. For example, eight performers were injured in a recent circus performance, two of them suffering a serious spine injury.

Workplace injury leaves man in guarded condition

Sometimes, even the most cautious of people find it impossible to avoid an accident that could result in significant economic ramifications. When an accident occurs while a person is performing his or her assigned job tasks in Illinois and other states, they likely qualify for workers' compensation benefits during the period of treatment and recovery. An out-of-state workplace injury suffered by one employee will likely leave him with a long road of recovery and result in significant medical bills.

Illinois temp worker sustained workplace injury on first day

Being a temporary worker may seem like a beneficial opportunity for Illinois residents looking for work. However, temporary workers face the same hazards as full-time workers and could be at risk for suffering a workplace injury. If temporary employees are not given the proper training to handle the situations they may encounter while on the job, their risk for injury could increase, and their claims may not be taken as seriously as full-time employees.

Man suffers severe workplace injury after a fall

The vast majority of employers take every sort of precaution they can to ensure worker safety. Unfortunately, accidents, many resulting in serious injury or death, still occur. Usually after a workplace injury, investigations by several different agencies or organizations are sparked to ensure a similar incident will not occur again. Additionally, in order to help those directly affected by an industrial accident, states such as Illinois require employers to provide workers' compensation benefits for the employees -- a benefit one man will likely be utilizing after he sustained a severe injury while at work.

Nurses frequently suffering from a workplace injury

It is common knowledge that many careers could lead to injury or death. For example, soldiers, firefighters, and police officers know they are risking their lives every day that they report for duty. Unfortunately, other professions tend to hold a surprising risk of a workplace injury such as the medical field, specifically, nurses, orderlies and nursing aides. Nurses in Illinois and across the nation can likely attest to the dangers they encounter every day.

Workplace injury results in fine for company based in Illinois

Some workplaces are predictably unpredictable. For example, police officers do not know what to expect in the constantly changing circumstances of their jobs. The lack of predictably creates sometimes unsafe working conditions that are difficult to control. In other jobs, however, employers can take measures to ensure that their employees are able to complete their job responsibilities without risk to their personal safety. When a workplace injury occurs, such as one that happened recently at a company based in Illinois, an investigation begins to determine how the incident occurred and how a similar one can be prevented in the future.

Workplace injury at Illinois paint company leads to investigation

Most companies do their best to ensure employee safety by preventing workplace injuries. However, certain government organizations, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, have been put in place in ensure that companies are meeting standards to keep workers safe. In the event of an accident or workplace injury, OSHA will investigate the incident to see what can prevent future incidences. For example, an explosion at an Illinois paint company has recently triggered an investigation by OSHA.

Work-related injury possible for Illinois workers in grain bins

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has pointed out that disregarding safety measures and procedures could lead to more work-related injury or death for Illinois grain workers. Following the deaths of two grain workers in another state, OSHA sent out letters to every single farmer and company that uses grain bins in their operations reiterating safety measures. Ignoring these measures, such as the use of safety harnesses in grain bins, could lead to further work-related injury or death.

Study reveals high numbers of deaths from work-related injury

In a new study released by the AFL-CIO, it is revealed that there are a high number of work-related injury reports and deaths in the United States, including the state of Illinois. There are approximately 150 deaths per day stemming from a work-related injury. In this report on worker safety and health, it lists the states with the highest and lowest numbers of worker deaths, with Latino immigrant workers having the highest number of deaths.

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