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Illinois fire safety worker burned during firework demonstration

When many people think of workers' compensation, they may typically think of large, industrial companies. However, even some non-profits are required to carry workers' compensation insurance in order to protect those that are actively working for the organization.

Illinois gun range under fire for high levels of lead exposure

Typically, industrial workers are at the greatest risk of falling victim to toxic exposure or some other work-related injury. Unlike an instantaneous accident, workers may not feel the dangerous effects of some chemicals until they are exposed to them over an extended period of time. As a recent incident in Illinois proves, there is a risk of toxic exposure in almost any type of workplace.

What happens when companies don't pay workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation benefits can be a valuable tool for any employee. While nobody wants to be the victim of a work accident, work accidents and injuries do happen, and Illinois law requires that workers receive benefits to pay for their medical bills and any time of work that they may have as a result.

Steel worker loses legs in horrifying industrial accident

Illinois is often associated with the American steel industry. Unfortunately, the steel production process opens up workers to the possibility of sustaining a work-related injury or illness. While many of the injuries coming from steel plants can be relatively minor, the threat of a catastrophic accident is always lingering. This is especially evident in a recent industrial accident at a Benjamin Steel plant in which a man lost both of his legs.

Shocking work-related injury causes Illinois company to be fined

A work-related injury is terrible enough by itself. Sometimes even the best precautions are not enough to keep workers from staying safe. However, it is even more of a tragedy when a company allows unsafe practices to continue while not alerting the workers to the potential dangers that exist. This unfortunate practice can cause more problems, such as the work-related injury at a plant operated by an Illinois company.

Woman with positive drug test receives workers' compensation

Employers and insurers often try to find ways to make smaller workers' payments. With that said, they will try to find ways to weaken your claim if you're injured at work. One woman was denied part of her benefit after suffering a workplace injury because she tested positive for drugs. However, a court ruled that the woman is still entitled to the full benefit. Illinois workers injured on the job should be made aware of all their rights when it comes to compensation claims.

Grain bin workers exposed to workplace injuries

Agricultural workers in Illinois are often exposed to some of the most hazardous work environments in the state. The large machinery used in grain processing facilities presents unique dangers not found in most workplaces. Those workers who are injured in grain facilities are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, especially if they suffer from permanently disabling injuries.

Workplace accident ruled avoidable

A workplace accident is tragic for both employers and employees. In a recent case, the McLean County, Illinois coroner's jury ruled that the death of a 56-year-old man was accidental but also avoidable. The workplace accident occurred at Illinois Wesleyan University in early April 2011.

Injured moving company employee fired for filing claim

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act specifically prohibits firing an employee because he or she filed a claim for benefits. And yet, it often happens, as some employers seek ways to cut costs at the expense of employees who have been injured.

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