Lake County Workers' Compensation Lawyers

If you, a friend or a family member is suffering from a pain or injury that happened on the job, call Hannigan & Botha, Ltd., today. The sooner we start fighting for your rights, helping you claim the compensation you deserve, the better. Our attorneys have worked for the insurance companies but left them to represent the working men and women against the claims denial tactics of these companies.

Waukegan Work Injury Attorneys — Representing the Injured Worker

As a for-profit business, insurance companies owe their allegiances to the stockholders. They are in the business to make money and will attempt to pay you as little as possible — possibly much less than you deserve. They often take advantage of the fact that most people do not understand all the details of workers' compensation law.

Fortunately, Hannigan & Botha, Ltd., works to protect the rights of the working men and women. Both attorneys in the firm come from insurance backgrounds and know how the insurance companies work. We know the process these companies use to maximize their business profits, regardless of your medical pain or costs.

Illinois and Lake County Workers' Compensation Attorneys

As soon as you come in for a free consultation, our lawyers will go through your case with you and learn about the injury and pain you are suffering as well as the circumstances of the workplace accident. We waste no time. Immediately, we will begin to put your case together, gathering the important evidence.

You may just be a claim number to the insurance company, but to us, you are a hardworking employee with rights.

When you cannot get anyone from the insurance company to listen to your concerns, contact us. Call Hannigan & Botha, Ltd., today at 847-949-1070 for a free consultation.