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Workers' compensation has different types of benefits

Workers who are injured often face very serious medical issues, especially if the incident involved the head, neck or spine. Sometimes, the problems they are facing are permanent and will impact them forever. This has to be taken seriously because the person might not be able to return to work. We know that most workers enjoy the satisfaction of putting in a full day's work and then being paid for it. Most of them will attempt to return to work, but some might find out that they can't do their job duties.

When an employee is injured, they will turn to the workers' compensation system for benefits. These include medical care coverage for all medical costs related to the accident. It can also include replacement wage benefits and possibly some vocational rehabilitation programs. We work with injured employees to ensure they get the benefits they are entitled to receive.

Machinery entanglements can cause significant employee injuries

People who work around machinery with moving parts must ensure that they are being as safe as possible. One way that you have to do this is by ensuring that you don't have any loose clothing or even long hair that might become entangled in the machines. Some industries are more prone to having these types of incidents. Almost four in 10 of all injuries in the agriculture industry are entanglement-related.

There are many injuries that can come from being entangled in a machine. The most serious thing that can happen is death. Others including serious bruising and tissue damage that is caused by crushing or pressure. It is also possible that a body part will be amputated, either partially or fully.

Knowing what caused a work accident can help with prevention

Safety authorities say a significant number of workplace injuries nationwide, including in Illinois happen as the result of human errors. They say the prevalence of injuries caused by unsafe actions by employees exceeds those resulting from unsafe conditions by far. This underscores the importance of compliance with prescribed safety regulations.

Are you inclined to find something to blame for incidents that cause work-related injuries? Finding the actual causes might be time well spent, and it could prevent injuries in the future.

Workers' compensation protects injured workers and employers

When you suffer an injury at work, you need to ensure that you get medical care if you need it. You shouldn't have to worry about what your employer will do because retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim is illegal. You also shouldn't worry about trying to seem tough. Getting the medical care you need can help you find out what you need to do to heal. This is important since you probably want to get back to work quickly.

The workers' compensation system is here to provide protection for injured employees and employers. When you file a claim, the money doesn't come directly from your employer. Instead, it comes from their insurance company. Employers in Illinois must pay for workers' compensation coverage, which is considered a normal business expense. We want people to remember that their employers shouldn't try to dissuade them from seeking out medical care or other workers' compensation benefits.

Neck injuries can range from minor to very serious

Injuries to your neck can make doing even the simplest tasks complicated. This is because the neck controls the movement of your head, but it is also affected by the motions of your shoulders. If you are injured at work and your neck is one of the impacted areas, you might be in for a long road to recovery.

It is possible that a neck injury can come from an accident, but it might also come from issues like improper head positioning and cumulative trauma. For example, a mechanic who has to work under a vehicle might have to position their head in a way that strains the neck muscles. This might lead to trauma in the area.

Know what workers' compensation benefits might be due to you

Unsafe work conditions are an atrocity that no employees should have to deal with. The problem is that some employees put more focus on profits than they do safety. This automatically puts the workers at risk of being involved in an accident that will cause an injury. For these workers, knowing a bit about the workers' compensation system is necessary, so they are able to get the benefits they deserve if they need them.

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance that protects the workers and the employer. Some employees might be leery of trying to get benefits because they think this will hurt the employer. It won't hurt them at all. The program is meant to cover the medical expenses of injured employees as long as their injuries stemmed from an incident at work or related to their job duties.

Stress, rushing and accidents: A dangerous combination

Do you feel like workplace stress is fairly common? Maybe you work in a face-paced job with a lot of deadlines. Everyone always tries to work hard to hit their deadlines and make progress.

While productivity is important in any industry, experts warn that stress often causes people to rush. It's the only thing that they can do to try to alleviate that stress. And when they rush, it increases the odds of a workplace accident.

The holidays could be painful for cashiers

Cashiers are usually pretty busy during their shifts, but there may be some time to rest, stretch and work out the kinks between customers at some point during the day. During the holidays, they may spend even more time behind the register without much time in between customers to take a break. This could easily lead to injuries.

Unfortunately, you can't necessarily slow down during your shift. Your customers probably wouldn't accept you taking a few minutes to rest in order to help prevent injuries. Therefore, you may need to adjust how you work in order to reduce your likelihood of suffering an injury during the holiday rush.

Concussions: Brain injuries that can cause lasting impacts

Concussions are very serious injuries that have been brought into the limelight lately thanks to athletes who are speaking out against the dangers of this brain injury. Many people might not realize that there are a number of ways that a person can suffer a concussion.

You don't have to be involved in an accident that results in a strong blow to the head to have a concussion. These can be caused by any violent motion of the head that results in the brain slamming against the inside of the skull. For example, if you fall and your head jerks on impact, you might suffer a concussion.

Work-related injuries and illnesses are compensable

Workers who are injured while they are doing their job have specific rights. These are meant to protect them. After all, they are simply trying to earn a living when they are harmed. In Illinois, employers must have workers' compensation coverage. This offers benefits to injured workers while protecting the financial status of the employer.

There are many things that employees need to know about filing for workers' compensation claims. One of these is what types of injuries are compensable. This determination is made based on the circumstances of each case; however, there are some standard points that are considered.

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