Assertive Advocates For Injured Workers

Recovering The Full Amount Of Lost Wages You Deserve

When you have been hurt on the job, your injury can cause you to miss work — and miss those wages. At Hannigan Botha & Sievers, Ltd., we work with you to evaluate your injury and situation and prepare a case against the insurance company that fights for the temporary disability benefits you are entitled to under the law.

We generally get together with the insurance adjuster to find the wage statement and do the work to verify whether you are getting two-thirds of your gross wage while you are off work due to your injury. This is the amount Illinois workers are entitled to under the workers’ comp act following a work injury. Insurance companies play to the fact that many workers are not aware of what their rights are. It is amazing how often there is an underpayment of temporary total disability benefits because the adjuster manipulated the calculation of the average weekly wage for the year preceding the injury.

When a worker is not receiving that amount, it usually stems from the doctor’s opinion. If you have only been checked by the insurance company’s doctor, you may need to get a second opinion from your own doctor. We will help you get that second opinion to defend against the insurance company’s attempt to give you a lesser amount of lost time benefits.

Lake County Lost Wages Claim Attorneys

There are also issues of overtime that can be contested in these disputes. Our temporary disability benefits lawyers will help protect your rights. After your initial consultation, we will immediately work to prepare a case and file a petition for a hearing.

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