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Workers’ Comp Lawyers For Knee Injuries

Knee injuries and meniscus tears bring lasting pain and cause long-term mobility issues and complications to your ability to work. At Hannigan Botha & Sievers, Ltd., we understand the medical details at play in your knee injury and will help you prove that your pain is a result of your employment.

Due to the structure of the knee and its physiology, it is sometimes difficult to realize an injury has occurred immediately following an accident. The tears in the meniscus may be tiny and go unnoticed, because the meniscus has no nerve endings. When you continue to carry on as normal, though, working and walking, the tears are further strained and deepen, making the injury worse. It might not be until the injury has worsened that the symptoms of swelling and pain start.

Injuries to the knee can be caused by extra weights or strains. Other injuries can happen with twisting or repetitive motions. These types of injuries are common to heavy lifting jobs. We can help you prove the connection between your job and your pain.

Helping You Get The Medical Treatment You Need

Our lawyers have the medical background to help you understand your injury and its cause. We will work with the appropriate doctors and medical experts to build a case proving that your pain and injury were incurred due to your job.

The pain from your injury may be sudden and obviously related to your work. Otherwise, it may surface hours or days after the accident. In these cases, employers and insurance companies sometimes question your story, doubting that your injury came from work.

Illinois And Lake County Work-Related Knee Injury Attorney

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