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What Disability Benefits Are You Eligible For?

Permanent disability benefits are designed to cover workers suffering a work-related disability. An examining physician will decide which type of disability you are suffering based on a national rating system. This will determine the amount of disability benefits you will receive.

However, all examining physicians are not created equal. There are physicians that the insurance industry uses on a regular basis because those doctors write the reports the insurance industry wants to read. We know who these physicians are and how to neutralize and minimize their reports so as to obtain the best result for our clients.

At Hannigan Botha & Sievers, Ltd., of Illinois, our lawyers will help you establish which type of disability benefits you are eligible to receive.

Permanent partial disability

The injured worker is checked by a physician who decides if the worker will be able to return to his or her job full time. If the doctor decides that the worker could not work in the same job, but could still earn a living doing something different, that worker is considered to have a permanent partial disability (PPD). He or she is eligible for PPD benefits.

Permanent total disability

After examining, if the doctor decides that the worker cannot return to his or her job and is unable to earn a living doing any other job, the worker is considered to have a permanent total disability (PTD) and can collect PTD benefits.

Statutory permanent total disability

If you lose two limbs or members, you are allowed to collect PTD benefits, regardless of your ability to continue at your job.

Let Us Review The Facts Of Your Case

A variety of factors influence your disability status, including the state of the job market and your set of skills. You may need to prove that you have conducted a job search for a certain amount of time.

With so many tiny details surrounding your situation that can impact the outcome of your case, it is important that you contact knowledgeable legal assistance. At Hannigan Botha & Sievers, Ltd., we will guide you through the hoops that the insurance company will try to make you jump through. Our goal is to help you find a stable situation and means of income at the end of the case.

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