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December 2011 Archives

Construction worker dies after being run over by crane

Fatalities in the workplace are tragic, especially when they happen close to the holidays. Construction workers' accidents are often the cause of such fatalities in Illinois and elsewhere. In such cases, family members of those who died may be able to receive workers' compensation in order to cover costs and lost future wages as a result of the death. A recent news story detailed the death of a worker just days before Christmas. The incident happened in Michigan, but illustrates clearly how dangerous construction workers' accidents can be no matter where they occur. According to the local sheriff's office, one man was killed during a crane accident at a construction site in Ann Arbor. Workers were doing restoration work on a creek in a park when the incident took place.

Workers' compensation study reveals startling facts in Illinois

The issue of workers' compensation at Illinois state institutions has been in the news of late. At issue is a startling claim that just a dozen or so institutions in southern Illinois made up almost one-third of the total amount awarded through the workers' compensation system. Of those institutions, Menard Correctional Center in Chester led the pack.The data was collected and released by the Associated Press and was culled from official state records. The Menard Correctional is also the focus of three fraud investigations into the injury-claim process. The institution made claims and was able to collect $19 million in long-term benefits from 2007 through 2010.

Workers' compensation and farmers: Not all farmers are exempt

It is not uncommon for some Illinois farmers to presume that they are exempt from carrying workers' compensation coverage. While that may be true in some cases, it not always true. During the Illinois Farm Bureau annual meeting in Chicago this year, Chris Hemenway who is a manager for workers' compensation claims with Country Financial presented a session to explain how the system works.According to the Illinois Worker's Compensation Act there is an exemption for farmers, but that exemption is limited. Farmers who are not exempt under the Act must participate in the worker's comp program or face serious consequences if a worker files a claim. In many cases, claims can run from $30,000 to $150,000 or more. This money, as well as any fines and penalties, would have to come out of the farmer's pocket. In Illinois, the state can assess against uninsured employers (including farmers) between $500 and $2,500.

Boys killed in industrial workers' accidents involving grain bins

Last year, the number of suffocation deaths in grain bins rose to an all-time high of 26 in Illinois and across the nation. Tragically, these industrial workers' accidents happen mainly to young men and boys -- one victim was just 7-years-old.

Construction workplace accident kills Illinois worker

The very nature of accidents is that they cannot be predicted. Workplace accidents in particular can happen anytime, anywhere. However, accidents can be prepared for, and Illinois and other states have instituted workers' compensation benefit laws to do just that. That is, they prepare employers and employees for the inevitable, so that the employee does not needlessly suffer financially for an injury caused during the course of employment.

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