Illinois road construction crew struck by vehicle, 1 fatality

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Illinois construction workers have become acquainted with the dangers of their worksites. While working at any construction site can be hazardous, road construction workers are often exposed to the greatest the greatest risk of becoming involved in a construction accident. As the summer approaches and road work ramps up, road crews face the possibility of a serious accident on the job.

Most recently a 48-year-old man died and three were injured as they prepared to paint stripes on the road. The accident happened when a vehicle left its designated lane and drove on the shoulder of the interstate highway, where the construction crew was waiting to begin their work. They had been standing near a construction vehicle when the car came barreling toward them. While the cause of the accident is currently under investigation, the driver also damaged equipment at the worksite.

Three of the four workers were airlifted to a major medical center outside of the state and the other was transported to a local hospital. Unfortunately, one of the airlifted workers died. The fate of the other workers hangs in the balance, as they are still recovering from their injuries.

For the Illinois victims of the crash and their families and friends, it is hard to imagine what must be going through their minds right now. Undoubtedly, all of the families must be wondering why this incident happened. As they cope with their emotions, they deserve answers, which will help them work through their anxiety and grief.

As these families and friends struggle with these issues, they should be aware that workers’ compensation can provide monetary death benefits for the family that lost the worker. Furthermore, for the workers that were injured, they can be compensated for medical expenses and lost wages sustained as a result of the incident. In this way, they may be able to confront the issues that they will face in the wake of this construction accident, including the possibility of further legal action taken against the driver for negligence contributing to the tragedy.

Source: Belleville News Democrat, “One highway worker dies; three injured in I-64 crash,” Jennifer A. Bowen, May 22, 2012

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