After construction accident, man thinks it’s Valentine’s Day

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As many Illinois workers know, a fall is a fairly common construction accident. All it takes is one little slip up on a ladder, and the worker can suffer a work injury. Sometimes, these falls can be fatal while other times the worker can survive but be seriously injured in a construction accident. Unfortunately for one man, after a fall from a ladder caused him a concussion, he is living Valentine’s Day over and over again.

The accident happened on Feb. 13 when he was on a ladder that slipped out from underneath him. He was knocked out and remembers one of the workers waking him up. After that, he went to the hospital where he learned that he had a concussion.

At first, the symptoms from the concussion were relatively minor, though he was noticeably more forgetful. Still, he started forgetting more and more until finally he woke up and wished his wife a happy Valentine’s Day long after it has passed. He had forgotten everything before.

As can be expected, due to his extreme memory loss, the man cannot work, which has since affected both he and his newlywed wife. Though his wife has a full-time job and is going to school, it is still difficult to pay the bills and they are fundraising as an attempt to make ends meet. In addition, the man, as well as any other Illinois worker in a similar situation, may consider applying for workers’ compensation. By doing this, the man may be able to make up for lost income as well as any medical expenses which have been incurred as a result of the construction accident.

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