OSHA focuses on specific work-related injury issues in Illinois

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It is important that authorities continually improve their vigilance when it comes to avoiding the injury of workers on the job. The more precautions authorities take in creating and enforcing regulations, the safer work environments will be. This is why the local Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has decided to increase its focus on several different aspects of safety in order to avoid work-related injury in Illinois. OSHA hopes its renewed efforts will help decrease the number of injuries suffered by workers on the job.

One of the areas which OSHA is focusing on is the dangers associated with trimming trees. This type of work requires people to climb tall ladders, which puts them at risk of falling. OSHA wants to make sure that the ladders are properly secured. According to OSHA, the ladder should extend at least 3 feet from the object they are resting against. The ladders should also be properly secured to the structure.

Another work safety aspect that OSHA is renewing focus on is polyurethane products containing isocyanates. These products are commonly used in auto body shops. The isocyanates are known to contribute to respiratory issues if proper safety measures are not taken. Along with auto body shops, workers that install bed liners on trucks are also commonly exposed to polyurethane products.

Despite taking all of the proper precautions suggested by OSHA, there will still be cases of work-related injury in Illinois. Workers who have suffered injuries at their workplaces may be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits in order to help them cover some medical costs. The benefits can also assist in making up for any lost income caused by not being able to work.

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