Illinois company in trouble for potential work accident

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined an Illinois company for providing an unsafe work environment which could lead to a work accident. The scrap metal recycler was fined $65,000 for 19 different violations of the safety codes, discovered after an investigation of the plant. Apparently each employee was in danger of a work accident stemming from the conditions.

The OSHA inspected this Illinois plant because it is one business that rates higher than average for employee injury. Included in the violations cited is one from a repeat violation. Apparently, the company did not perform routine energy and safety checks and drills as required. There is evidently a lack of training for those that operate large equipment and work with potentially hazardous materials.

Several of the violations committed by the company included ones that could potentially lead to the death or serious injury of employees. These are considered “serious” violations. Some of the safety failures included lack of railing, no safety equipment for workers on elevated platforms and keeping broken and malfunctioning equipment. The OSHA declared that this company demonstrates a lack of commitment to employee safety and health.

Should an employee be involved in a work accident, he or she would typically clear grounds to file a workers’ compensation claim. This type of state regulated insurance benefits are designed to cover medical expenses and related costs for workers injured on the job, as well as to provide a lost income package for time missed from the job while focusing on a full recovery. The company has an obligation to both pay the fine and to improve work conditions for their employees.

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