Man suffers leg injury in workplace accident at fair

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The majority of people in Illinois have an idea in their head of what a fair is like. Likely there is laughter and the smells of unhealthy, but delicious, foods cooking. It is a time to be carefree and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, one fair worker found himself in the hospital after he injured himself in a workplace accident when packing up at the end of the festivities.

A 32-year-old fair worker was breaking apart one of the fair’s rides after the last night during the early hours of an October morning. The man’s brother, who was working nearby, reports that part of the ride fell on him. He was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent surgery.

According the man’s brother and sister-in-law, the piece of equipment broke the man’s leg, pelvis and back. They state they were unable to move the piece of the ride off of him. The injured man is currently considered to be in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

The injuries sustained by the man in the workplace accident will likely require a great deal of treatment and a long recovery period, resulting in medical bills and a loss of income. However, most states, such as Illinois, require employers to provide their employees with workers’ compensation coverage in the event of such a serious accident. Unfortunately, some people find the path to receiving such compensation is sometimes complicated and lengthy. Some people choose to enlist additional help to ensure that they receive all of the compensation to which they may be entitled in a timely manner.

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