Illinois workplace accident result insults in death

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It is truly in an employer’s best interest to ensure the safety of all its employees. Beyond being the right thing to do, fewer injuries likely improves the morale of workers while decreasing the time spent hiring and training new employees. However, even for companies that do everything they possibly can to ensure safe working conditions, accidents could still happen. For example, a man was recently killed in a workplace accident in Illinois.

The incident occurred in mid-January. Emergency responders report that they received a call from Riverside Materials outside of Chicago. They were told a man had fallen into a wood grinder. Unfortunately, their work to free the man changed to an effort to recover his body.

At this time, there are few details available about the man’s death. However, in the case of most fatal workplace accidents, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration initiates an investigation. The goal is to determine if any safety or health standards were violated that may have led to the man’s death. OSHA typically have a period of several months to complete the investigation.

Because there could still be a workplace accident at the most safety-conscious businesses, states such as Illinois require employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage. These benefits payable through this state-regulated program can help an employee injured while on the job, or the family of an employee killed on the job, with expenses such as medical bills and lost wages. Many families have found it beneficial to seek assistance in order to ensure they are receiving all of the compensation to which they are entitled in a timely manner.

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