Higher numbers of Illinois deaths due to a workplace accident

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There are millions of people in Illinois who report to work each day in order to support their family. Unfortunately, some of these workers do not return home as a result of a workplace accident. While employers put safety measures in place in order to protect their employees, accidents can still happen.

In 2013, 172 people were killed in a workplace accident in Illinois. This statistic shows a rise in the number of deaths in 2012. A recent report shows the three major types of on-the-job accidents that result in fatalities.

The largest number of deaths — almost a third — are the result of a transportation accident. A representative for the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council stresses the importance of emphasizing defense driving in training courses. The second leading cause of death results from impact from objects, such as being struck by a piece of equipment. The third cause is workplace violence — 16 people lost their lives in such an incident.

Anyone who has lost a loved ones knows about the emotional impact of such a loss. Many people, however, do not fully understand the potential financial impact. Fortunately, Illinois employers are required by state law to provide workers’ compensation benefits for their employees in the event of a workplace accident that results in an injury or fatality. These benefits provide compensation for lost wages, medical bills and funeral costs in the event of a fatality. In order to ensure that they receive all of the compensation to which they may be entitled, many people choose to seek an experienced attorney to help negotiate a fair settlement.

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