What are the main benefits after a workplace accident?

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So you’ve been injured at work, and you know that workers’ compensation means you’re entitled to some benefits—but you’re not sure what they are. Does your boss have to pay for everything, do you pick up the tab on your own, and what expenses even count? These are great questions to ask, and below are the four main benefits you may get.

1. Medical care. If you’re hurt and need hospital treatment, emergency transportation, medication and much else, your employer—through the insurance company—will pay for it. Anything that is directly connected to the injury counts.

2. Disability payments. You may be temporarily unable to keep doing your job after the accident. You should be compensated for the lost wages, though it’s worth noting that you may not get full compensation.

3. Permanent disability payments. This is often paid out as a one-time settlement. You could be entitled to this if you’re never going to be able to work again. Compensation varies based on many factors, such as the degree to which you’re injured, how much you anticipated making, and your age.

4. Vocational rehabilitation. If you can’t do your old job anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t work at all. Your employer may need to pay to train you for a new job so that you can stay in the workforce. You may also be given a new position within the same company and taught how to do a new job that you can handle, even with your injury.

If you’ve been injured in Illinois, costs can mount quickly, so make sure you know what should be covered.

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