Occupational asthma claims for workers’ compensation benefits

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Asthma is a difficult disease that relates to the inflammation of lung tissues — specifically the lining of the lungs. It also relates to the intermittent spasm of the smooth muscles underneath the lung lining. Normal asthma is often a mystery as to why it’s caused, but when it comes to occupational asthma, the culprits are clear. This condition is usually caused by the regular and irritating inhalation of vapor and/or dust on the job.

Occupational asthma is often related to a chronic allergic reaction to inhaled contaminants. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, a tight chest and shortness of breath. These conditions usually get better during long holidays and days spent away from work. This condition is common throughout the United States, and in rare cases, it can even be fatal.

Causative agents that may contribute to occupational asthma include:

— Curing/hardening agents like anhydrides

— Isocyanates

— Rosin fumes

— Dusts from grains and flour

— Animal dander

— Dust from wood

— Antibiotics

— Cyanoacrylates

— Aldehydes, like glutaraldehyde and gormaldehyde

— Pollen, molds and animal dander

At Hannigan & Botha, LTD, we help Illinois-area workers pursue workers’ compensation claims relating to a wide variety of occupation-caused illnesses. Among the many types of illnesses we help workers with are respiratory illnesses. In addition to occupational asthma, we also help people with chronic bronchitis, mesothelioma, asthma and more. These conditions can be life-long, disabling and even fatal. For Illinois residents suffering from these diseases, however, financial help through a successfully navigated workers’ compensation claim could bring money to pay for medical care, wage replacement benefits and long-term disability benefits, depending on the facts of the case.

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