What You Should Know About Construction Workers’ Accidents

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As a construction worker, you are more likely to experience various forms of workplace accidents. Despite wearing personal protective equipment and hoping for the best, an accident can occur at any time and an immediate response can spell the difference between life and death. So you have woken up bright and early, worn your protective gear and proceeded to your daily routine. However, you unexpectedly sustain a construction site accident so severe that it renders your capacity to perform your duties effectively.

Whether it’s an electrical accident or a scaffolding fall, a responsible employer should cover your medical expenses through the workers’ compensation program. Additionally, they should also take necessary precautions to minimize the recurrence of such accidents in future.

Once the recovery process has begun, a responsible employer should provide you with wage replacement benefits even though you are temporarily incapacitated from working. Such a figure is simply a two-thirds fraction of the specified sum you earned before sustaining the injury. Moreover, such compensation is exempted from tax, meaning your recovery should be a peaceful process. Despite the catastrophic ordeal you have just experienced, most insurance firms would still try to take advantage of the situation.

In most cases, such firms target workers unaware of their basic occupational rights. Due to their deep connections, an insurance company can also impede the issuance of compensation owed to aggrieved employees. Furthermore, they may turn a blind eye to your current predicament and bring up malicious claims aimed at staining your reputation.

While recuperating, an insensitive employer might allocate your tasks to a different employee in the name of safeguarding business interests. While it might appear as a valid reason businesswise, you are still entitled to your former job irrespective of your current recovering condition. In the absence of such knowledge, you might find yourself unemployed once fully recovered from the injury.

In the event that the recovery works in your favor, you are free to resume construction duties. However, being back at work can trigger traumatic memories deep within your subconscious. Whether it was an electrical accident or a scaffolding fall, executing tasks with the same finesse may have eluded you. Fortunately, you can consult a prominent counselor to assist you in the healing process. Alternatively, you should contact an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney in case an employer fails to meet your medical expenses.

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