What are ways to help workers lift heavy objects?

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In an Illinois workplace where you handle heavy objects and loads, in many instances it is a bad call to try and move something by yourself. Even if you understand how to properly lift a heavy object, some loads are simply too much for your arms alone. Attempting to lift such loads can injure your back and put you on the mend for a long time. That is why workplaces should equip their workers with tools and vehicles that can cut down the risk of workplace injury.

The website for Creative Safety Supply advises workers to reinforce their bodies with weight belts. These belts offer more support to your lower back and decrease the possibility of pulling a back muscle. You can also attach a lifting strap to the object for added support. This helps especially if the object is awkwardly shaped and does not provide an easy grip for the human hand.

Workplaces should also supply hand trucks, also known as dollies. The worker is spared the burden of having to pick up and carry the object and can instead load the object onto the dolly and then tilt the dolly back, placing the dolly up on its wheels. The worker can then push or pull the dolly to wherever it is needed. This is ideal for transporting objects like boxes that have flat surfaces. It is still possible to transport objects with uneven surfaces, but workers should take care to secure the object so it does not fall or roll off the dolly tray.

However, some objects are beyond the ability of people to load onto a dolly or push around. These objects, like a palette of goods, require heavier machinery to handle. Mobile forklifts are often the machine of choice. Many large shops and warehouses use these to bring in inventories and move them to shelves or designated spots. Workers are completely spared the burden of exerting strength to carry or transport these items and instead only have to drive the forklift.

These support tools can go a long way to helping Illinois workers avoid needless injury when handling heavy objects. Without them, the odds of workplace harm increase, and with it a long recovery period and a workers’ compensation claim that, without the proper legal assistance, could take a while to properly process.

This article, while intended to inform readers on workplace injuries, does not offer readers legal advice.

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