The fatal 4 construction accidents demand attention

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The construction industry is a dangerous one for workers. Around 21 percent of all work-related deaths in this country occurs in this industry. The vast majority of these deaths are caused by four types of accidents. These are known as the fatal four. Here are the basics of each type:

Falls: This type of accident accounts for 36 percent of all construction worker deaths. It is by far the deadliest of all types. Using fall arrest devices, harnesses and other similar equipment can help to prevent these incidents.

Struck by objects: This accounts for 10 percent of all deaths in this industry. While it is a much smaller percentage than falls, it is still important that employers take steps to reduce the chance that workers will be hit by falling objects or by equipment.

Electrocutions: These account for 9 percent of all deaths at construction sites. Training workers to watch for power lines and other sources of electricity can help to keep them safe, so employers should make this part of normal employee training.

Being caught in or between objects: This rounds out the final four and accounts for 2 percent of construction fatalities. Trench collapses, being run over or being pinned against an object are some of the accidents covered in this category.

No worker deserves to go to work to earn a living and die due to a work-related injury. For the family members who are left behind, trying to claim workers’ compensation benefits might be in order. This might be a complex undertaking that may require you to have the assistance of an attorney.

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