Signs of a traumatic brain injury

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Workplace injuries are far too common and can result in severe consequences like catastrophic injuries or death. While it is easy to recognize major burns, broken bones, or deep lacerations, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are much harder to see after an injury.

The difficulty of spotting a TBI may explain why more than 50,000 people die from them every year. A small bump to the head may not seem like a severe injury at the time it happens, but something far worse may have happened. Here are five symptoms of a TBI that may help you get the treatment you need to save your life:


After a head injury, it can be easy to write off any dizziness as a temporary result of the injury. Dizziness may result from internal bleeding inside your skull, and the pressure is causing the dizzy feeling.

Memory issues

If your memory is cloudy around the time before, during, or immediately after your accident, do not just assume that it is because of something trivial. Memory issues can signal a significant injury that can result in lifetime consequences if you do not seek treatment.

Troubles with sleep

If you are having issues sleeping after your accident, do not just chalk it up to insomnia. On the same note, excessive sleeping can also be a sign of a TBI.

Nausea or vomiting

Dizziness from a TBI can cause an accident victim to feel nauseous. Prolonged nausea can result in vomiting as well. Do not confuse these symptoms as food poisoning or other cause if you suffered a blow to the head.

Emotional changes

Wild changes in a person’s temperament can be a sign of them suffering a TBI. A shy person lashing out in anger can often be just indicative of a TBI as an outgoing person suddenly becomes timid.

Do not ignore the signs

Even if you already saw a medical professional who checked for a TBI after your accident, it is still possible that you may have one after your accident. A TBI can take hours or days to develop, and the only symptoms can seem like something entirely unrelated. It only takes a few hours or less for symptoms to appear before a TBI is fatal, so act fast if you suspect you have one.


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