Five common injuries in the manufacturing industry

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Many people in Illinois work in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry is an essential component of our nation’s economy. However, it does present dangers to workers. The following is an overview of five common injuries in the manufacturing industry that could injure workers.

Fall injuries

Many people in the manufacturing industry use ladders, high platforms and other raised areas in the course of their job duties. Employers need to supply these workers with hard hats and fall protection equipment. Unfortunately, they do not always do so. In fact, falls are the leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities in the U.S.

Burn injuries

Many factory workers utilize combustion equipment and welding equipment. Electrical equipment is also utilized in many factories. However, these controlled flames can cause burns in the best of circumstances. In the worst of circumstances these types of equipment can cause an uncontrolled fire that injures many workers. Factories should have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems to address the problem of fires in the workplace.

Injuries caused by heavy machinery

Heavy machinery are key tools in any productive factory. However, they could also pose dangers. Crush injuries and cuts are common. Depending on the situation, these injuries can be very severe or even fatal. Employers are responsible for making sure heavy machinery has proper guards to keep workers safe.


Some factory workers have to work in confined spaces, such as vats or tanks. However, these spaces pose the risk of suffocation, which could common very suddenly. When working in a confined space, employers should make sure two or more workers are together with one of the employees out of the confined space who can help in the case of an emergency.

Injuries caused by hazardous materials

Many people in the manufacturing industry work with hazardous chemicals, and in fact they are often a necessary component of the manufacturing process. However, caustic chemicals can cause burns, breathing injuries and more. Employers should make sure all dangerous chemicals are clearly labeled, so that appropriate actions can be taken if a spill occurs.

Lean more about workplace injuries

Factory workers perform important work, but it can also be dangerous work. If a factory worker is injured on the job, they may want to learn more about seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Our firm’s website on workers’ compensation may be a useful resource for those who want more information on this topic.

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