Jobs that can cause repetitive stress injuries

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Risks of injury are part of all careers. Whether a Lake County resident sits at a desk all day or stands on a production line on night shift, they expose themselves to hazards inherent with their chosen work. When an individual suffers a work-related accident or injury, they may be eligible to seek workers’ compensation from their employer.

Work-related injuries can take on many forms. Some workers suffer acute harm from specific accidents, while others develop medical conditions from the type of work they do over time. Included in second category of work-related injuries are repetitive stress injuries.

Repetitive stress injuries are painful and serious. They can result in significant problems for workers, and some industries are more prone to having workers endure these painful conditions. No part of this post should be read as legal or medical advice, and the occupations discussed herein are not the only ones that may cause repetitive stress injuries. Help from a workers’ compensation attorney can clarify legal rights and options for those who have suffered harm while at work.

Industries where repetitive stress injuries are common

Repetitive stress injuries can occur in any work environment, but they are common in industries where workers use their bodies to complete their work. For example, individuals who work in manufacturing and production may develop these injuries from performing the same physical tasks over and over throughout their days at work. Other types of work that can cause repetitive stress injuries include:

  • Food preparation and baking
  • Patient support in nursing homes and hospitals
  • Grocery bagging

When a worker performs the same physical tasks repeatedly at work, they may develop repetitive stress injuries.

Dealing with work-caused injuries

Repetitive stress injuries may not seem as serious as acute accidents, but they can cause significant pain for those who experience them. Physical rehabilitation, rest, and time off work can all be parts of recovery for repetitive stress injury victims. When these injuries prevent individuals from working, they can suffer the challenges of living with no income while experiencing physical pain. Workers’ compensation may be an option for them, and their trusted attorneys can help them address their possible claims.


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