Illinois worker’s severe injuries lead to employer sanctions

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Proper training is a fundamental aspect of worker safety. This is true regardless of the type of job a person does. Some jobs are riskier than others and those who work in warehouse-type jobs in Illinois should be schooled in how to adhere to safety requirements. When there is an accident and a worker is injured – whether the injuries are severe or not – it is important to know the employer’s responsibility as this could be a crucial aspect of maximizing the payments in a workers’ compensation claim. This is especially true for workers who are permanently disabled. Having professional advice can be vital in these cases.

Employer receives hefty fine for worker’s injuries

A worker lost a leg and had his pelvis crushed after falling from a heavy-lift vehicle. Because he was said to have been improperly trained, the company was fined more than $156,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The worker was unsecured when he was on the apparatus and fell. The company is required to train workers in the necessary safety procedures. Other workers rode unsecured. The company also failed in giving workers refresher courses and evaluations every three years as they were supposed to. The worker, 30, was run over by a vehicle after he fell.

Workers’ compensation can help people financially and personally

Injuries can happen in any workplace whether it is a physical job or one that is sedentary. There is no doubt that people who are required to perform physical jobs are more prone to suffering injuries. Assembly line workers, factory workers, those who work in repair and installation, and low-wage earners are especially at risk. When there are injuries, these employees are frequently unaware as to their rights. In some instances, they might be concerned that they will face a negative response from their employer for seeking workers’ compensation even though they are well within their rights to do so.

Having representation may be essential from the start

In this accident where OSHA fined the employer, the worker’s injuries are obvious and the claim relatively clear-cut. Not every injury is like that and workers’ compensation claims can be complicated because of it. There can be disagreements as to the severity of the injury, how long the worker might be off the job, what the level of responsibility is and more. Getting an approval for workers’ compensation can sometimes be in doubt. Often, the insurer could try and minimize or outright deny the claim. Even if the employer was sanctioned for wrongdoing, it is wise for injured workers to be protected from the start. Consulting with experienced professionals can provide guidance and assistance from the outset.


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