Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of workers’ compensation claims

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It can seem like getting hurt at work is rare occurrence, but the fact is that any Illinois resident is capable of suffering a catastrophic work injury regardless of where they work. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes of workers’ compensation claims. About 15% of workplace fatalities fall into this category each year.

Many times, slips, trips and falls in the workplace are preventable. Loss of traction often causes these accidents which can cause a person to lose their balance. This can lead to injuries such as bruises, cuts, sprains, head injuries and more.

There are ways in which these accidents can be avoided which include:

  •  Pay attention to surroundings: An employee should be aware of their surroundings and potential hazards. Whether they are stocking cans on a shelf at the grocery store or standing on a ladder painting a house, potential hazards can be anywhere.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and safety gear: No matter where a person works, they should wear comfortable shoes with good traction. Safety equipment should be worn in jobs that require it.
  •  Keep surroundings clean: Most workplaces have housekeeping guidelines in place. If there is a spill or tripping hazard it needs to be cleaned up immediately. Roping off the area or putting up a wet floor sign can let others know of the hazard as well.
  • Participate in training: Some workplaces may offer safety training. An employee may want to attend in order to understand any new guidelines and information that has come out.

A legal professional who is skilled in workers’ compensation can help their client if they were injured while on the job. They can help apply for workers’ compensation benefits or file if an appeal if the initial claim was denied.

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