3 tips to give your employer an accident notice

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If you get hurt or contract an illness on the job, you should think about how to cover your medical treatment and recovery. Thanks to the state workers’ compensation system, your health care costs do not have to burden you. However, you should be careful to follow proper procedures when notifying your employer of your accident or condition.

The state of Illinois describes some guidelines for injured workers to report to an employer. Keeping the following three actions in mind may help you avoid an unnecessary delay or rejection of your claim.

Provide a report in an acceptable form

State law requires workers to inform their employers of their accidents or injuries within a 45-day time period. According to the state of Illinois, you may deliver your notice in two ways. You may give an oral account to your employer or you can provide a written report.

Be informative in your notice

It is possible your claim could suffer delays or rejection because you fail to provide key information along with your notice. You should offer your employer a description of whatever injury or illness you have suffered. Additionally, you should ensure your employer has your personal identifying information like your Social Security number as well as your name, phone number and home address.

Be truthful in your claim

Be aware that Illinois authorities will penalize a worker for submitting a false claim. Do your best to be honest in all aspects of your account. While honest mistakes are always possible, you do not want your employer to use fraud or dishonesty as a justification to try to derail your claim.

The state workers’ compensation system allows workers to appeal a denial, so do not despair if your claim does not seem to be going your way. Know that you have options to pursue coverage to treat your condition and help you get back to work.

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