What are some signs of serious back injuries?

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When you start a new day at work, the last thing you may expect to happen is a back injury. However, there are many ways that an accident at work can lead to unexpected bills and lingering pain.

In the time after a back injury, you should take serious notice of what symptoms and complications you may have.

Sudden moments of sharp pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, some less serious injuries may give you random moments of pain that makes you wince. However, the more dangerous a back injury is or the more severe the fall you had, the more likely this pain will increase over time.

Weeks or months after an accident, you may begin to feel even more intense and sharp pain in your legs or general places on your back. This is a contrast to a more dull or low-level ache you were previously feeling.

Trouble urinating

When you are struggling to control your bladder or you constantly feel as if you must urinate but cannot, you may suffer from complications related to your back injury. Your bowels may also not function as they did before.

The muscles controlling your bladder and bowels can feel weaker than usual in the time after an accident.

Problems with your neck

One area of the body that may make it hard for you to relax in bed at night is your neck. If you notice that you cannot move your neck like you used to, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed by the difference in sensation.

You could also feel a pinching or tenderness around your neck in the days following a physical accident. Staying aware of all the signs of back injuries can help you decide what to do next.

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