Common workers’ compensation misconceptions you should know

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Workers’ compensation protects employees from significant income loss as a result of an injury at work. Not only can workers’ compensation cover your medical bills but it can also offset a percentage of your lost earnings from your time out of work.

There are many misconceptions about workers’ compensation that every worker should understand.

Your employer does not get to make the decision on your claim

If you hesitate to file a claim because you think that your employer will deny it before it ever reaches the insurance company, it is important to know that employers have no authority to do so. You have to notify your employer of your injury, but they are not permitted to decide on the validity of your claim. Only the insurance carrier does that.

Pre-existing conditions do not cause automatic disqualifications

Pre-existing conditions are a hot-button issue across the medical care community with restrictions on insurance coverage for many group policies. Those restrictions and exclusions lead others to believe that workers’ compensation insurance will do the same. Your pre-existing condition does not preclude you from filing a claim or receiving benefits for your injury.

Your employer cannot fire you for filing a claim

In some work environments, the fear of retaliation keeps employees from filing workers’ compensation claims. Illinois laws mandate workers’ compensation coverage and prohibit retaliation against employees.

When you suffer an injury at work, notify your employer right away and file a workers’ compensation claim. Seek medical attention and keep up with your medical care appointments for the duration of the claim process.

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