Can crush injuries cause permanent paralysis?

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If you work around heavy objects or with heavy machines, you have some risk of suffering a crush injury. Crush injuries occur when two or more heavy objects squeeze part of the body. According to Penn Medicine, it is common for crush injuries to fracture bones, cause bleeding and damage muscles.

While some crush injuries might be temporary, it is possible to develop permanent paralysis. As a result, it is imperative to seek emergency medical treatment for any crush injuries you suffer at work.

How can crush injuries cause paralysis?

For you to move, your brain must send signals down your spinal cords and through a network of nerves. These nerves are present in all parts of your body. If heavy objects squeeze part of your body, though, nerves can suffer catastrophic damage. Because injured nerves often do not heal, you may lose mobility and sensation for the rest of your life.

What is compartment syndrome?

If two heavy objects compress part of your body, you can expect to experience a buildup of pressure inside your body. This pressure can cause compartment syndrome, which is a potentially life-threatening condition. Because abnormal pressure might not reduce immediately after an accident, you might develop compartment syndrome hours or even days later. Unfortunately, extensive nerve damage is common with compartment syndrome.

Treating paralysis and nerve damage can be expensive, and you are likely to have a long road to recovery. Ultimately, by pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, you may have the financial resources you need for your journey.

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