What could derail your workers’ compensation case?

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Workers’ compensation benefits provide you with supplemental support when you cannot work due to a work-related injury. Enacted federally and state-by-state with minimal exceptions, laws require your employer to provide coverage for all workers.

Understanding what could disrupt your case can help you avoid mistakes that may jeopardize your benefits.

Not understanding your policy

After a series of historical tragedies involving worker deaths, lawmakers determined a need for worker support. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, workers’ compensation became the first social insurance enacted in the country with Illinois passing laws of its own in 1912.

Prior to needing workers’ compensation benefits, take time to learn about the policy your employer provides. Understand what the requirements are to maintain eligibility for benefits. Know what their regulations are so if you do ever need to file a claim you can comply with their expectations.

Forgetting the statute of limitations

The statute of limitations prevents you from being able to request workers’ compensation benefits after too much time passes. As soon as you discover a work-related injury or illness, notify your employer of your condition. Request medical attention within the network of your workers’ compensation policy. Your employer should file a claim on your behalf and keep you informed of the next steps.

Overlooking critical details

When giving information to your employer about your injury, cover all relevant details. This will include what you were doing at the time of your injury, whether there were other people present, the date and time of your injury, and any applicable information from your doctor.

Paying attention to the details of your situation and understanding the nuances of your policy can help you prepare for a satisfactory outcome.

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