3 ways to maximize your workers’ compensation benefits

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Workers’ compensation can ease the financial uncertainty of a work-related injury and subsequent recovery. The way you go about collecting and using your benefits can make a difference in how helpful they are.

Knowing how to maximize your benefits can make them more meaningful to you. With the right approach, you can come away from a workplace injury in a better position than before.

File a claim right away

As soon as you suffer an injury, notify your employer of your experience. Waiting too long could cause you to forget details about the situation which could compromise the integrity of your story. When filed promptly, the evidence you have may appear more believable and you will avoid the disappointment of a rejection of your benefits because of the statute of limitations. According to the Illinois General Assembly, the statute of limitations is three years from the time of your accident.

Inquire about light duties

Despite the fact you receive workers’ compensation benefits, you might still participate in light work. Ask your employer if this is an option. They might allow you to take on a temporary role or at least complete simple tasks while you recover, without compromising the benefits you receive.

Monitor your budget

Your budget may change while you recover from a workplace injury. Living conservatively throughout your recovery can help you capitalize on your benefits and avoid unnecessary debt.

With the right approach, your benefits can provide peace of mind and give you the support you need to come out on top after a workplace injury.

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