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January 2013 Archives

Illinois state worker burned in industrial accident

Working in an industrial environment exposes employees to a wide range of dangers. Even the most experienced industrial workers can have a workplace accident, which occasionally leads to serious or even fatal injuries. Fortunately, an Illinois state worker is expected to recover completely from the injuries he sustained while working at a Department of Transportation service depot. The man was burned in the industrial accident and required treatment at a local hospital.

Illinois trucker dies in fatal work accident

Whether someone works in risky or relatively safe conditions, accidents can always occur that can cause serious injury or death. Sadly, this happened recently in Bensenville when an Illinois truck driver suffered fatal injuries in a loading area as he was preparing to leave. While his family is left to cope with their tragic loss, an investigation has been opened into the deadly work accident.

Illinois workers' compensation: Did flu spread to prison guards?

An Illinois state prison went on lockdown recently, but not for the usual reason. Instead of the lockdown occurring as a result of inmate violence, it happened because 58 prison guards called in sick on the same day at Stateville Correctional Center. This is an unusually high number of absences, but the workers are likely eligible for workers' compensation benefits if their absences are a result of a workplace illness.

Illinois gym faces fines for increasing risk of work accident

It is every workplace's responsibility to ensure that their workers are protected from any potential dangers on the job. Failing to do so can result in hefty fines, or, in the worst case scenario, a work accident that can cause injury, illness or death. An Illinois fitness center is now facing potential penalties by the federal OSHA for failing to provide safety equipment to workers who use hazardous chemicals. Fortunately, no injuries have occurred as a result of the company's alleged safety violations.

Illinois police deputy requires surgery after on-the-job injury

Law enforcement officers are always at risk while they are at work, whether they respond to a routine traffic stop or something as serious as a shooting. When officers arrive at a scene where someone has a weapon and is behaving erratically, there is often a chance that they will be injured or worse. Unfortunately, an Illinois sheriff's deputy recently suffered a serious work-related injury as she responded to a domestic incident that turned violent. As she recovers from her subsequent surgery, she may pursue compensation for her injuries.

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