Illinois police deputy requires surgery after on-the-job injury

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Law enforcement officers are always at risk while they are at work, whether they respond to a routine traffic stop or something as serious as a shooting. When officers arrive at a scene where someone has a weapon and is behaving erratically, there is often a chance that they will be injured or worse. Unfortunately, an Illinois sheriff’s deputy recently suffered a serious work-related injury as she responded to a domestic incident that turned violent. As she recovers from her subsequent surgery, she may pursue compensation for her injuries.

The incident occurred when the deputy and another officer responded to a call about a teenager who was brandishing a knife and threatening his family. When they encountered the teen and ordered him to drop the knife, he lunged at the female officer and slashed her.

The incident resulted in a serious laceration to deputy’s face. She underwent a two-hour surgery at a local medical center shortly after the incident occurred. Although the injury resulted in a lengthy surgical procedure, the officer is expected to completely recover from her injury.

It is fortunate that the sheriff’s deputy was not more seriously wounded during this incident. Because this was a work-related injury, it is likely that any financial losses stemming from her hospitalization, surgery and absence from work will hopefully be covered by a program similar to workers’ compensation. Oftentimes, municipal employees can receive financial reimbursement for injuries, but it is not through the same means as those employed by private companies. In the aftermath of a work-related injury, workers may wish to consult with someone who knows the claims process and can ensure that they receive all of the benefits to which they are entitled.

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